Research Directions

According to the focused research target of the laboratory, we have integrated the research interests into a grid of One Body and Two WingsOne Body refers to software development and platform construction in the laboratory. Meanwhile, Two Wings represents the two main research areas, which are long-term tectonic-evolution dynamicsand short-term seismic dynamics. The brief introduction of research interests are as follows:


Direction 1: Software development and platform construction

It includes the construction of software and hardware platforms for ultra-large-scale parallel computing centers, the establishment of high-performance visualization environments, aimed at calculations of multiple physical parameters describe the Earth. As an interdisciplinary, fully featured, and independent laboratory, software, instruments, and platform constructions are essential foundations and key factors of our scientific innovation.


Direction 2: Long-term tectonic evolution dynamics

It contains multiple spatial-scale numerical studies related to plate tectonics-related processes, involving the development of small- and medium-scale folds and faults, the formation and evolution of basins, regional-scale continental rifts and formation of ocean basinssubduction process, collisional orogeny and basin-mountain coupling, global-scale plate reconstruction, as well as mantle convection.


Direction 3: Short-term seismic dynamics

It includes the quantitative study of initiation, rupture history, and general occurrence of earthquakes, as well as studies related to post-seismic responses. The laboratory experiments establish a database of lithospheric and crustal properties as well as a database of shallow surface material properties, which contribute to an evolving and progressive building of an integrated numerical earthquake-prediction system. The ultimate goal is to implement a numerical prediction system of earthquakes aimed at solving the problems of seismic hazards control that is closely related to the national economy and people's livelihood.