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University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)

UCAS is a higher education institution established with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China, focusing on graduate education. The predecessor of UCAS was the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS), which was founded in 1978 as the first graduate school in China with the approval of the State Council. The graduates in UCAS include the first doctoral student in science, first doctoral student in engineering, first female doctoral student, and first student with dual-doctoral degrees in China. In 2014, UCAS began to recruit undergraduates.

 I. UCAS Overseas Young Talents Recruitment Program

1. Qualifications Required:

※ In the fields related to natural science or engineering technology

※ Under 40 years old, with a Ph.D. degree

※ Obtain a full-time position in top-level overseas universities/research institutions

※ Work abroad for more than 36 months after Ph.D. (or with outstanding academic achievements).

2. Salary & Welfare

※ Annual salary: ≥750,000 yuan, excluding social insurance and Provident fund.

※ Research funding:5-9million RMB, under special circumstances, a case by case approach may be adopted.. 

※ Housing: a one-time Housing allowance of 4 million yuan

3. For more information, please contact: 8826011  Ms.Sun

II. UCAS Advanced Research Assistant Program

1. Qualifications Required:

※ Outstanding innovation research achievements

※ Published high-level academic papers in first-class academic journals, as a first or corresponding author

※ Under 35 years old

2. Salary & Welfare:

※ Annual salary: about 400,000 RMB, including basic salary (≥250,000), insurance, housing allowance (6,000 RMB/month)

※Obtained a doctoral degree within 3 years, and fresh doctoral graduates are preferred

※ A three-year contract, and could be extended for a maximum of 6 years

※ After the program, the staff may apply for the long-term positions in UCAS

3. For more information, please visit: