Present Situation and Technical Developing Tendency of Shale Gas Development in China

  • 邓春林
  • Created: 2016-04-21

American shale gas production in 2005 year is 194×108m3 and it rapidly growth to 2600×108m3 in 2014 year, the successful development of shale gas change American energy supply pattern and make important influence to global energy supply and geopolitics (Daniel et al., 2007).At present China is a country with rich coal, lack oil and less gas, the main energy structure is what coal resource is percent 70, plus petroleum resource is percent 20 and natural gas resource is percent 5, the energy structure is not very reasonable. So natural gas development,especially the effective development of unconventional natural gas will can optimize China’s energy structure.Preliminary evaluation shows that the amount of China’s shale gas resource is about 10012m3 and is much higher than amount of conventional natural gas resource (Zhanget al., 2008; Jia et al., 2012). So far in 2013 year, the production of coal gas and shale gas respectively exceed 308m3 and 108m3. Expected to 2025 year, the production of natural gas and petroleum can respectively share half of energy consumption, in which the shale gas production can highly improve. In the industry, the exploration and
development of unconventional natural gas continue to make a breakthrough in 2014, the new capacity of shale gas is 208m3 in Fuling area and the predictive annual production achieve 108m3 for Sinopec company. In
addition, shale gas production in Changning-weiyuan area and Fushun-yongchuan area also make a breakthrough for PetroChina Corp.