Cai W, Zhang H, Wang Y. 2017,The Royal Society

  • 邓春林
  • 创建于 2018-01-17

文章题目:Modelling damped acoustic waves by a dissipation-preserving conformal symplectic method

-摘要:We propose a novel stable and efficient dissipation preserving method for acoustic wave propagations in attenuating media with both correct phase and amplitude. Through introducing the conformal multisymplectic structure, the intrinsic dissipation law and the conformal symplectic conservation law are revealed for the damped acoustic wave equation. The proposed algorithm is exactly designed to preserve a discrete version of the conformal symplectic conservation law. More specifically, two subsystems in conjunction with the original damped wave equation are derived. One is actually the conservative Hamiltonian wave equation and the other is a dissipative linear ordinary differential equation (ODE) system. Standard symplectic method is devoted to the conservative system, whereas the analytical solution is obtained for the ODE system. An explicit conformal symplectic scheme is constructed by concatenating these two parts of solutions by the Strang splitting technique. Stability analysis and convergence tests are given thereafter. A benchmark model in homogeneous media is presented to demonstrate the effectiveness and advantage of our method in suppressing numerical dispersion and preserving the energy dissipation. Further numerical tests show that our proposed method can efficiently capture the dissipation in heterogeneous media.


-作者:Cai W, Zhang H, Wang Y. Modelling damped acoustic waves by a dissipation-preserving conformal symplectic method[C]//Proc. R. Soc. A. The Royal Society, 2017, 473(2199): 20160798. MLA