Division of Earth System Sciences

  • Created: 2014-09-04

Director: Jian Zhang
Member: Fumo Yang, Yumei Li, Fengmei Yao, Jihua Tan, Haitao You, Ping Liu


This group, which is a multi-disciplinary team, will pay attention to investigate the distribution of resources and energy in lithosphere, the change of climate and environment in atmosphere, as well as the evolution of ecological and disasters in biosphere. Goal one: Applied geophysics research. Using geophysical exploration technology, such as gravity-magnetic, electromagnetic, and seismic methods, maps the distribution of physical properties beneath the surface of the earth, and detects the shallow crust structure, composition and geodynamic process. Currently, the working key is to search the deep-water oil-gas of the South China Sea, and the concealed metal ores of the Greater Khingan Mountains. Goal two: Atmospheric physics and environment research. Base on the observation and analysis of the atmospheric pollutants; trace the chemical process and the microscale gases or aerosols concentration changes in urban air pollution. Through the measurement and simulation of the farmland ecological system and greenhouse gas emissions, image the carbon-nitrogen exchange circle between biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere, and get their influence for climate and environment. Currently, the working key is research the mechanism and optimization control of aerosol particles PM2.5 pollution diffusion. Goal three: Ecology and geochemistry research. Being with geochemical data from field collection, try to find out the ecological effect caused by industrialization, urbanization, and other human activity. Currently, the working key is study the biomass variation of forest and wetlands, the environment development of the lakes and rivers, the chemical element migration of human mining process.