Director: Quanlin Hou
Member: Chunming Wu, Yiwen Ju, Duojun Wang, Maining Ma, Guiping Zhao, Qing Liu, Yuxiu Zhang, Jinfeng Sun


Our research involves pursuing the physical and chemical properties of the earth’s materials by conducting a variety of experimental research. Using field geological and other natural lab we explore the deformation of natural rocks and law of the rupture about different depths at different levels. We also use a variety of experimental methods to study the earth’s material, such as high temperature and high pressure equipment, electron microprobe, mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and so on. We attempt to study the physical and chemical properties of the representative rocks in Earth interior at different depths, for example strain rate, the wave velocity, density, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, viscosity, thermodynamic parameters, the phase diagram, the diffusion coefficient of the elements, partition coefficient. Those physical and chemical parameters of mineral and rocks not only provide the experimental basis for the interpretation of the results of geophysical observations, but also give strong evidence for deep geological processes which cannot be observed. In addition, these fundamental parameters are useful to computer simulation on the evolution and dynamics of the earth.